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Since January 1, 2014 Beauty Systems is a new European Service Center for Ballancer and Lympha Press products line of Mego Afek AC Ltd. For this purpose we have opened a new workspace in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Our technicians are offering to all customers from Europe the warranty and after-warranty service for all devices of Mego Afek AC Ltd. They were personally trained in Mego’s production site in Israel in order to offer the best service and performance. The biggest benefit for Europeans customers and users will be the short time needed for repairs and better comfort regarding communication with the service and its technicians.

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Offered services include:

  • ballancer_LP_servis_300full warranty service for all devices of Mego Afek Ltd. (mostly Ballancer and Lympha Press)
  • after-warranty service for all devices of Mego Afek Ltd. (mostly Ballancer and Lympha Press)
  • testing of correct functioning
  • calibration of the devices
  • measuring the exact pressures of the system
  • cleaning and maintaining of the inner parts of the devices
  • regular technical inspections
  • technical condition assessment
  • pick-up and delivery services

 To request service, please fill out the following form. Mandatory fields are marked with *.

We will contact you back and arrange the details of the service.

Warranty repair – necessary to add invoice or warranty certificateAfter warranty repair – repair price approved up to (EUR)Other - please describe below

Own deliveryOur pick up service (in case of “after warranty” service and declined warranty service the pick up is charged)


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Lympha Press Czech republic

BS Systems s.r.o.
Republikánská 1102/45, Plzen
Czech republic
Tel.: +420 371 141 386
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