Lympha Press in Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine IKEM

Lympha Press in Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine IKEM

Our company won a tender and supplied Lympha Press with its accessories to a prestige Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prag. This top technology dedicated to compress therapy will be used especially by the Department of clinical rehabilitation.

The system Lympha Press, particularly the Lympha Press Optimal, Lympha pants and a unique Lympha Jacket will be used for instrumental lymphatic drainage and for other specialized procedures in compress therapy with higher pressure based on the instructions from the doctors. All three will be used as a rehabilition devices in general as well. Its versatility and flexibilty are the qualities that made them win the tender. They are appropriate for patients of all different measurements.  The system also got the best results in difficult technological tests. Our Lympha Press guarrantees the declared pressure in each applicator for the whole procedure and the fluency of the massaging wave. The result is that the whole body of a patient and all his treated areas are fully being stimulated with constant pressure during the procedure.


IKEM Lympha Press

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