New Lympha Pants – The applicator which has no competition

New Lympha Pants – The applicator which has no competition

In June of this year, Mego Afek, the manufacturer of Lympha Press, launched a new improved version of Lympha Press Pants applicators.

There are several improvements.

Applicators are newly fitted with robust zippers from YKK® company. This world-known brand is famous for producing the highest quality of the zippers. Zipper mark YKK has the largest share in the worldwide market in this area.


What is so unique about YKK zippers?

Zipper is a seemingly simple device composed of many small parts. If just one part is not good it can reduce the quality and reliability of the whole zipper. That’s why YYK make their own production machines, use their own materials, make their own zipper coil, and have their own unique manufacturing processes. They permanently improve their manufacturing and guard it from competition. And all products pass strict quality control output.


Reliable and durable  – YKK zippers are quality and functional zippers known for their perfection and precise processing. They are significant for their long term reliability. Zippers YKK, these are not “no name“ zippers made in China, they are quality zippers made in Japan, Europe or the USA. These zippers are very durable and reliable and last very long. This eliminates replacement of, for example, the rider. A broken zipper can damage the product and sometimes the damage is irreparable. If the product uses YKK zippers, you can forget about these problems.

Zippers YKK have several certifications. First of all it is a Oeko-Tex certificate that certifies product safety in relation to humans and the environment. Other YKK zipper certificates prove the quality of the production process and the product itself and meet the requirements of the standards – ISO/TS 16949:2009, OSHMS, ISO 14001:2004 and  ISO 9001:2008.

Another improvement is in the ankle part. Namely creation of full-fledged shoe regardless of the leg length exactly at the ankle to achieve greater comfort without interrupting the massage of any part of the limb or in the groins which is the problem of some applicators that are made up of several parts.

With Lympha Press Pants, the limb is treated over its entire length, from finger tips to the abdominal area, with the same pressure regardless of the shape or length of the limb, without any interruption.

The Lympha Press Pants XL are newly manufactured to treat the patient up to the 166cm circumference via the buttocks, using 1 expander to the 181cm circumference.

The latest innovation is the ability to treat patient with a catheter since the pants have a zipper opening for catheter access.

We provide a medical certification for all products of Lympha Press brand ® and also its registration at SUKL. The devices and applicators of this brand can be used in clinics and they are supported by health insurance companies.

You can see the Lympha Press Brand at angiological or lymphological congress where we exhibit.

If you are interested in a non-binding presentation of Lympha Press products, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to show you all at your workplace.



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