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All Lympha Press® compression therapy systems and garments are manufactured by our parent company, Mego Afek AC Ltd., in Israel. Lympha Press® systems are exported worldwide, and are manufactured according to the strictest quality control standards of the European and Japanese markets, as well as those of the USA.

Mego Afek specializes in development and manufacture of medical devices and high frequency welded products for the medical and pharmaceutical industry, as well as inflatable structures and components for agriculture, environmental containment, and military applications. Mego Afek was the first company who manifacturated a multichamber sequential pneumatric compression systems for healing the edema. Today our products are sold worldwide, to the demanding markets of Europe, the Americas, and Asia, including Japan, where our Venostream DVT prophylaxis systems are distributed by Terumo Corporation, a leading global provider of medical equipment.

Lympha Press® systems are produced in Mego Afek’s Medical Division. We also manufacture sequential medical compression therapy systems for deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis; and aesthetic massage therapy systems with the brand Ballancer.

The Engineering and Design department  of Mego Afek keeps Lympha Press® at the forefront of technology and the impact on human organism, by constantly adapting and creating new products according to feedback from hundreds of patients, physicians and therapists worldwide.

Mego Afek owns numerous patents in various technological categories in the USA, Europe and Japan, and has registered significant trademarks worldwide.

Mego Afek’s products are sold worldwide through a well-established network of distributors. The medical and aesthetic products are sold in over 40 countries in Europe, Asia, America as well as in Africa. Lympha Press CZ  (medical technology department of Beauty Systems s.r.o.) is a sole importer of Mego Afek systems for Czech Republic.



History of Lympha Press


In the 1970’s, Professor Avigdor Zelikovski, Chief of Vascular Surgery at Beilinson Hospital in central Israel, was experimenting with intermittent compression devices for treatment of lymphedema. His clinic was filled with patients from the former Soviet Union, all with untreated severe lymphedema, neglected for years. Many of these patients had chronic infections and considerable fibrosis. Dissatisfied by the intermittent pumps currently available, and frustrated by their inability to alleviate his patients’ suffering, he proposed a new sequential compression device for treatment of lymphedema. Unique to his device: numerous, narrow cells arrayed in overlapping fashion, so that when sequentially filled with air, they applied a gentle “milking” effect to the patient’s limb. This “milking effect” effectively assisted the movement of accumulated lymphatic fluid from the swollen limb to the healthy lymphatics in the patient’s torso. Early clinical tests of the new device showed remarkable results, and Professor Zelikovski brought the device to Mego Afek for further development.


Mego Afek developed and perfected Professor Zelikovski’s original model, and the resulting device, called Lympha Press®, totally revolutionized lymphedema treatment. The Lympha Press® was tested extensively in major teaching hospitals and clinics in the USA as well as internationally, with published medical research showing the effectiveness and safety of Lympha Press® lymphedema treatment. You can find here the list of the medical research.



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