Lympha Press Mini

Resolving the lymphedema problems requires a constant care and good regime literally the whole life through. The home-made therapy Lympha Press Mini is easy and effective and it is saving patient’s time (there is no need to go to the therapy center) and it increases the healing results of the patients. Lympha Press Mini is a 24 chamber lymph drainage device for the treatment at home, or even possible for some small consulting room. It is the most common lymph drainage device for the home worldwide through its  easy operating and positive price.



Lympha Press Mini- advantages:

  • 24 overlapping, independantly working pressure chambers
  • The chambers partly scale-like overlap, there are no parts with lower pressure
  • Adjustable pressure from 20 up to 80 mmHg, for save using at home
  • Easy and intuitive manipulation – big long distance controller
  • Silent course
  • Sturdy  construction, reliability
  • Compact size, easy storage
  • This system can treat two extremities simultaneously
  • Possibility of combining with many quality applicators, see Applicators.




Lympha Press Mini – indication:

  • Lymphedema of lower and upper limb
  • Post-mastectomic swelling of upper limb
  • Healing of ulcer of venous stasis
  • Support for wound healing
  • Relief from muscle and nerve pain
  • Relief from pain generated by limb fatigue


Technical data

  • model: 201/301
  • cycle: sequential
  • cycle time: 30sec
  • pressure range: 20-80mmHg
  • size: 14,5  x 38,5 x 30,5 cm
  • weight: 5,1 kg
  • Electrical: 230V / 50 Hz


Lympha Press Mini VIDEO (previous model):

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