Complex care for lymphatic system

Complex care for lymphatic system

The ways you use the lymphatic drainage devices can vary due to different reasons. The primary motivation used to be the treatment of lymphatic swellings and preventive care of the lymphatic system itself. After many years of experience, the professionals and clients have understood that such procedures can be involved in more complex care so that their effects support and multiply one another.

lymfatický systém

Each of the supporting procedures finds its own place in common effort, such as combination of manual lymphatic drainage (activation of the lymph nodes is rudimentary) and mechanical lymphatic drainage, which is being used by not only the lymphologists but also the major medical and therapeutic centers.






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The introductory step in health care of every workplace is the basic examination according to which a specialist can diagnose the type of swelling and designs a treatment plan (within the span of 1-6 weeks). In case of a diagnosed lymphedema the client is transferred to either continual, or block treatment or consultations. The therapy usually takes longer time; it can even take up a lifetime. The standardized procedure, so called Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT), can be divided into two phases – swelling reduction and conservation of the achieved state.


The therapy is composed of the following methods:

  • Breath and rehabilitation exercises
  • Manual lymph drainage
  • Mechanical compressive pneumatic lymphatic drainage
  • Skin care
  • Elastic compression garments
  • Lympho-tapping
  • Education in lymphedema self-management


In the CPM Praha we have the specialists who are actively involved in developing the treatment procedures, and besides the Czech lymph logical society and many Czech companies and doctors, they cooperate with Dr. Med. F. J. Schingale from the German Lympho-Opt-Klinik (which uses the Lympha Press devices – and so does CPM Praha ), and with the lymph therapist Clara Feenstra from the Netherlands.

Specialized applicator LymphaPod (aimed for the treatment of patients for whom the traditional applicators are inefficient).



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