Ballancer 505 – the world press therapy news

Ballancer 505 – the world press therapy news

We are happy to introduce the brand new Ballancer 505 press therapy device – new leader of aesthetic press therapy systems in the world.

Ballancer 505 follows the very popular Ballancer 404 system, which has been just replaced by 505. Necessary to say that Mego Afek engineers did a very good job onBallancer 505 the same as they did many times before since they brought the first automatic press therapy system ever. Ballancer 505 will therefore easily find its place between the most sophisticated and helpful systems of this kind.

Ballancer 505 is based on Lympha Press Optimal device, used only in medical field. The 505 took some interesting features from Optimal with maintaining the basics of Ballancer which is the best possible way of lymph drainage, simplicity of usage, easy set-up, highest quality and minimum failure rate.

Some of the new features of Ballancer 505 (compared to Ballancer 404):

  • Electronic pressure set up – the pressure is set by electronic buttons on the device or by a easy to use software installed on connected PC.
  • Exact measuring of pressure in the garments – Ballancer 505 is able to measure the exact pressure in the garments during the whole treatment (device is calibrated) and based on these data it can adjust the pressure inlet/outlet to guaranteed the pressure set up by the operator. The ability to manage several different air cells in the garments of course remains on 505.
  • Easy to use operation by PC – the device can be easily connected to PC by regular USB cable and can be operated by installed Ballancer software. The biggest advantage in this matter is probably the possibility to set up different treatments to individual clients and save these treatments set ups to the PC for later use. The operator can have a list of clients with individual saved treatments.

These are the main innovations of Ballancer 505 compared to Ballancer 404 – but not the only ones! If you are interested in getting more information about Ballancer 505, do not hesitate to contact us.

More information about Ballancer 505 is also available here.

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